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Tilers Hobart

From bathroom renovation to commercial tiling, Tilers Hobart will get the job done. We are a team of contractors that specialize in residential and commercial tiling.

If you need a reliable installer or you are just looking for advice, give us a call. We will do our best to answer your inquiry.

Local Tilers in Hobart, TAS

Tiles have not left uncovered any part of the building process. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and even the flooring of your commercial space, tiles are a versatile flooring option.

Most importantly, with the variety, affordability, and ease they provide, tiles have established itself a prominent place in the world of construction. With that being said, tiles remain the number one choice for homeowners and businesses alike when it comes to flooring. In a home, tiling is considered for neat and clean interiors.

On the other hand, in an office, commercial tiling makes for a beautiful workspace. So, if you are looking to renovate your home or office with tiles, we can help you with professional tiling services in Hobart.

With our experience and technologies, we can help you make your home improvement project a lot more interesting. We will take care of everything regarding the project.

From materials to equipment and trained professionals, we offer a complete package. All you have to do is give us a call. In addition, we can recommend some design ideas if you are having trouble with choosing the right kind of tiles.


    Ross M. from Moonah, 7009

    “We were looking for tiling contractors who can refurbish our old kitchen flooring. Luckily, we came across Tilers Hobart. They suggested ceramic tiles for our kitchen flooring, and we are happy with the outcome. They came and examined the old flooring before starting the removal process. This guys were gentle and made sure that the surroundings weren’t affected. The tilers were thorough with the process and completed the project in a week.”

    About Tilers Hobart

    Tiling Hobart is a professional tiling company that has been transforming homes for years with gorgeous designs and stunning products. The best part is that we know what each of our clients wants. We pride ourselves in providing the promise of the best value and specialist advice.

    Whether it is renovating your home or office space, we will bring you gorgeous products from across the globe. Moreover, our range of tile offerings is extensive. From natural hues, vivid colours, textures, sizes, and shapes, you name it, and we have it. We understand the excitement people have when it comes to home refurbishment.

    As an expert home remodeling contractor, we make sure that your desired look and aesthetics are achieved. We are passionate about the work we do. Most importantly, client satisfaction is what we crave for. We don’t rest until we achieve the results you desire.

    Tilers Hobart Contractor leveling a ceramic tile on the floor

    Tilers Hobart Residential And Commercial Services

    When it comes to renovating or installing new flooring, there are several aspects to consider. Hobart Tiles is the quick and efficient tiler at your service. From outdoor tiling to indoor tiling, kitchen tiling, bathroom tiling, and even tile removal, our service takes care of everything.

    In simple words, our professional installers will bring everything necessary for the successful completion of the tiling project. That is to say, from equipment and tools like adhesive spreaders, grout finishing instruments, and tile cutters, to the right tiles and adhesives. You don’t have to look anywhere else with these things. In addition, you will get expert advice on the tiles you choose.

    We are a desiccated company that works to provide people with what they need. Our tradesmen will be happy to provide their professional opinion. We will help you determine what kind of tiles you should get, whether it is for flooring or walls. We guarantee perfection, no matter the size of the project.

    Hobart Outdoor Tiling

    Choosing outdoor tiling is probably a difficult decision. Outdoor floor tiles need to be chosen wisely. This is because the exterior gives people the first impression of whom you might be. But don’t worry. We have got you covered.

    Our range of services goes from beautifying your garden space to recreating the patio and installing a cool pathway. These are some ways floor tiles can help you enhance your exterior decor. A beautifully tiled path that leads the guests to the doorstep is the kind of impression people want. We promise to give your outdoor space its fullest glory with our outdoor tiling services.

    Please note that installing floor tiles on the exterior is easier said than done. Essentially, this is because the surface is exposed to the natural withering agents like sunlight, wind, air, and moisture. To make sure that all these factors are accounted for, Hobart Tiler offers a wide range of outdoor and exterior tiling services.

    Unlike the interiors, the exterior tiles need to be both beautiful and sturdy to handle daily wear and tear. We will only suggest the best quality exterior tiles that fit your budget. Furthermore, we will discuss the design idea that you have in mind for recreating your garden, porch, or pathway. Most importantly, we will give our inputs to make your idea a little more appealing.

    We boast a knowledgeable team of contractors backed by years of experience working on various tiling projects.

    Outside pool deck tiles installation by Tilers Hobart

    Denis T. from Lutana, 7009

    “I own a real estate company in the downtown area. We were undergoing a renovation when we realized that our reception wall needs a total makeover. We called Hobart Tilers for a quote, and surprisingly, it was enough for me to hire them. The wall they created using mosaic tiles is just amazing. It shows their skill level and the years of experience that accompany them. They are the best tile installers in town.”

    Kitchen Tiling Hobart, Tasmania

    Vintage tiles splashback residential installation by Tilers Hobart

    Look no further for luxurious, beautiful, and comfortable kitchen tiling in your home or office cafeteria because we have got it covered. We will present you with decorative kitchen tiles that guarantee to provide a contemporary look to your old traditional kitchen decor.

    On the other hand, if you have a modular kitchen, you are in for a treat. We have some fantastic kitchen tiles for contemporary kitchens. We will help you completely change the way your old kitchen looks. In comparison, many people think that kitchen jobs are similar to other tiling services. But this is not the case. You need to understand that there are different tiles for different surroundings.

    Since a kitchen is a high-traffic receiving area in the house, it needs particular flooring as well as wall tiling. That is to say, all the heat, moisture, humidity, that generates from cooking can make your kitchen walls and floors dull and gloomy. So, you need the right kind of tiles to adorn your kitchen. We suggest our clients with kitchen tiles considering three factors.

    Firstly, the kitchen tiles should have a PEI rating (porcelain enamel institute) from 0-5. Secondly, the tiles should be slip-resistant because the kitchen experiences all kinds of mess, like spills. Last but not least, the size of the tiles also matters because it helps with cost reduction and influences kitchen aesthetics.

    Our kitchen tiling services will not fail to bring a smile on your face. Just contact us and tell us your requirements. We will take care of the rest!

    Terrazzon tile floor
    Bathroom mirror with white tiles on the background

    Bathroom Tiling in Hobart - Greater Region, TAS

    Are you looking to reinvent your old bathroom? New bathroom tiles can help you add luxury and introduce a classical or modern touch to your bathing space. We recommend you the right bathroom tiles that protect your bathroom against damp and water and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

    Above all, whether you are after a bathroom makeover or a full restoration, bathroom tiles are a certified way to make a bold statement. We offer a full range of bathroom tiling and tile services to help you create and build your ideal bathroom design. We are just one phone call away to making your bathroom stand out.

    First, we only use the latest techniques and products to ensure that your bathroom tiles last a long time. At the same time, we provide that your bathroom gives you pleasure for many years to come.

    Our professional team goes above and beyond for your satisfaction. Given the fact that there are numerous bathroom styles and tiling solutions available, you can get easily overwhelmed with it. But you don’t have to worry when you hire us. We will suggest and create something that you have always wanted.

    Our tradies will work with you throughout the project, taking into insights on how you want things to be done. We only use the latest and regulated methods for tiling. You can rest assured that the quality of installation is top-notch.

    Commercial Tiling

    Tiling services graded for residential areas are not suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. Tiles designed for commercial spaces are very hard yet attractive. From wall tiles to floor tiles, commercial tiling has different aspects. Whether is a small office space or a big commercial building, you can be confident with our services.

    You will discover every option possible for your commercial floor covering requirements. We are equipped with an in-house team of professional tile setters and contractors with years of industry experience in commercial tiling. Above all, we guarantee attention to detail to make sure that your commercial property defines your business.

    From hotels to office spaces, warehouses, supermarkets, malls, etc., we have everything you need to beautify and secure your commercial space. Most importantly, we will take care of the tiling project from start to finish. And, if you don’t like it, we are ready to make improvements until you say “it is Good.”

    We work with all kinds of commercial tiles, from Higuera stone, travertine, slate, ceramic, porcelain, and marble. Moreover, we can install pretty much anywhere from walls, floors, decks, skirting, fireplaces, and ceilings, among other places.

    On the other hand, we don’t just install tiles, create unique designs that suit your commercial space. The projects we do last longer and only require a few maintenance jobs. We will help you choose commercial tiles based on your requirements and budget. All in all, we will suggest you tiles that are great at withstanding water and harsh conditions like heavy traffic and weather.

    Hobart Coffee shop tiles floor installation done by commercial tilers

    Tiles Removal Services in Hobart

    Expert Tilers removing floor ties for a bathroom renovation in Hobart

    Removing tiles requires special skills and tools to make sure that the surroundings are not harmed or damaged. It is a tough job, and only professionals should handle it. At Hobart Tilers, we handle tile removing projects with utmost care and precaution.

    We know that a small mistake can cause severe damage to your property. That’s why we use quality equipment and tools to remove the old, worn-out tiles carefully. Moreover, we have been doing this for years. We know all the precautionary measures that need to be taken. If you have decided to refurbish your old flooring with tiles, we are your go-to guys.

    There are different challenges when it comes to removing tiles. If yours is an old flooring, then special attention needs to be paid. Old mosaics were installed using different techniques. Thus, they are not easy to remove as compared to tiles installed today. We take proper precautions before starting the process.

    Firstly, we will inspect the area which needs tile removal. After making assessments, we start the process of extraction. We may use heavy-duty equipment as well as small-scale tile removers depending on the property.

    The tiles are removed, keeping in mind that new installation needs to be done. So, the process is approached accordingly. Your property will remain secure from any kind of damage.

    Contact Tilers Hobart Today

    If you have finally decided to give your home or commercial space flooring a new look, then we are just one call away. We are your one-stop solution for all your tile flooring needs in Hobart and Tasmania.

    From bathroom flooring to kitchen flooring, and exterior flooring, we have the experience and resources to complete the project in the given time frame.

    You can reach us via email, phone, or live chat. From vinyl tiles to porcelain tiles, marble, slate, and more, we will provide you with a budget-friendly quote that fits finances and suits your requirements.

    You can also check out one of our partners at Bathroom tiling in Blacktown, Colorado Springs Concrete Company and commercial painting company.

    What Our Esteemed Clients Have To Say

    “We have been living in the same house for the past ten years. We thought it was time that we slowly start the renovation process. After some thoughts, we decided to start with the kitchen. It was a mess. The walls were completely dull, and the flooring looked ugly.

    Since ours is an old house, we were far away from achieving a contemporary look without major removals and wear and tear. However, when the professionals from Hobart Tilers came in, there was a sense of hope for our old kitchen. They suggested we install kitchen wall tiles to give it a contemporary look, and interestingly, it worked.”

    “Tilers Hobart is a professional tiling company that we came across when we were looking for porcelain tiles for our home office. We converted our garage into a home office and wanted tile flooring. We called these guys for an inspection. Surprisingly, it only took them four days to complete the whole project with perfection.

    They have a team of experienced professionals who know everything about tiles. They even suggested a few design ideas. Their pricing model is transparent, and they take the necessary precautionary measures to make sure that your property wasn’t damaged.”

    “Our bathroom floor was quite slippery, so we decided to completely remove it and install a safer flooring before it caused an accident. We had heard about Tilers Hobart flooring company through a common friend.

    After some research, we called them for a site inspection, and they provided us with a quote, which we were happy about. We installed a subway tile bathroom, which is non-slippery and aesthetically pleasing as well. The tilers were quick and responsive. They completed the project on time.”



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