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Kitchen Tiling

Are you looking for Kitchen Tiling Services in Hobart? Your kitchen is the place where your family and yourself get together to enjoy each other’s company.

As a kitchen renovation company, we aim to over-deliver. All our installers are experienced commercial and residential tilers. They are the reason we produce high-quality work when it comes to kitchen projects.

Local Kitchen Tiling Contractor

A kitchen is the heart of the home. It experiences the highest traffic in terms of human intervention. For instance, we frequently visit the kitchen for food and water.

In terms of the internal environment, the kitchen goes through a lot of wear and tear. From high steam to spills, grime, dirt, etc. the kitchen can get dirty quite quickly. But with the right kind of flooring and wall protection, you don’t only enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen but also increases its longevity.

Kitchen floor tiles are an ideal option to add a contemporary look to your kitchen. You also want to ensure that it can be easily managed and maintained. On the other hand, a backsplash is the biggest issue that we all want to get rid of. While it is somewhat impossible, installing splashback tiles ensures no water splashes or any other liquid splash don’t remain on the surface.

To sum up, Tilers Hobart offers an unmatched kitchen tiling service in Hobart and Tasmania. Above all, we guarantee a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. We are professional tilers with years of industry expertise. If you have a kitchen idea in mind or are looking for purposes, we have got you covered.


    Tess T. from Rosny, 7018

    “We recently had our kitchen renovated. We have been living in the same house for the past ten years. It was time that we started with the remodelling process. We began with our kitchen because it needed the most work. The guys from Tilers Hobart were great. They did everything that we had expected. We love the tile flooring and the new splashback. They are beautiful and super-easy to clean. It shows their professionalism and expertise in the industry.”

    Kitchen Tiling White splashback with a wooden bench and a modern oven
    Kitchen with tiling floors and ceramic white splashback. The cabinets are blue and there is also a range hood and an oven

    Why is Kitchen Tiling Important?

    There are many reasons why tiles are such an enduring and elegant solution for kitchens. Used it in whole or part, tiles bring the soundness of character and presentation to virtually all kitchen decor. Kitchens include a variety of elements that may have very little in common. That is, shapes, sizes, and sometimes styles in fittings and fixtures will be acquired for optimal results. However, to achieve something in common, they may need to work hard to make. This is where the kitchen floor tiles can help.

    When tiles are installed, they create a grid that has an essential effect in the room. It connects a subtle framework for combining different items. Certainly, this creates a sense of unity in the kitchen, which would otherwise be absent. Our expert tilers say that irrespective of any functional role, tiles connect different components, which is an essential characteristic in styling a kitchen. In short, tiles bring the kitchen together!

    The best part is that, whether you opt for rectangular tiles or square tiles, the kitchen will be the same shape and size. Nevertheless, it may not feel the same. Tiles create patterns, creating a flow in the kitchen.

    What's Special About Our Kitchen Tiling Services?

    For beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious kitchen tiling in your home, you have to look no further than Tilers Hobart. We are the flooring experts with years of industry experience. Our highly experienced and skilled tilers can provide you with the best kitchen tiling installations, leaving you with a beautifully finished kitchen.

    Working throughout Hobart and Tasmania, we provide homeowners with the best kitchen tiling options. Above all, we specialize in everything from the initial design setup to supply and right through to the installation. Here is what you need to know about our services:

    White kitchen tiles splashback with a black counter top and pink flowers

    #2 Experienced Professionals

    We have years of experience in the Australian tiling industry. We are always passing the knowledge and work ethic onto the rest of our team. Most importantly, we educate our clients in making an informed decision.

    #1 Specialized Kitchen Tiles

    We know that you are looking for a 2-in-1 option that beautifies your kitchen and makes it easy to clean. Introducing the new kitchen splashback tiles that are so smooth and polished that no watermark or stain remains on it. Kitchen backsplash is a common issue when you do the dishes. The splashback dries out and leaves a stain. We will provide you with tiles specially designed for this.

    #3 Certified Tilers

    All of our Hobart and Tasmania tilers are certified and insured. Above all, our work complies with national building standards and local authority. You can trust us to deliver excellent quality results!

    Tiler laying black ceramic tiles for a Kitchen Floor Tiling job in Hobart
    Tiler installing white ceramic tiles on a kitchen wall in Hobart

    Let's talk about your Kitchen Renovation Project

    If you like more information about our tiling installations, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give you a free quote. Reach us via phone or email.



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