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Outdoor Tiling Hobart, TAS

Hunting for a reliable Outdoor Tiling Service in Hobart? We can help you with all your exterior tiling project.

Give us a call; it does not matter if it is for advice or a free quotation. We are here to help you out.

Your Local Exterior Tilers in Hobart

When it comes to outdoor tiling, the process of choosing the tile and design can get a little overwhelming. Your property outdoors leaves a significant impression on people.

Homeowners tend to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on renovating the outdoor area. Whether it is the patio, balcony, swimming pool, or even the walls, people love decorating them with beautiful outdoor tiles. However, people think it is a lot of investment.

Well, honestly, it shouldn’t be a concern because with us, your love for having a beautiful outdoor space, not a dream anymore. We are Tilers Hobart, who can help you with tiling projects of all kinds. That is, we offer a wide range of outdoor tiling services to Hobart and Tasmania residents. We have been in this industry for several years now. This has helped us build unique relationships with designers, architects, builders, and private clients. As a result, we can easily understand the current products and trends.

Therefore, we use this knowledge to give our clients the best experience. From advising on products to the best installation techniques, and more, Tilers Hobart is efficient in getting the best possible results.


    Troy R. from Glenorchy, 7010

    “We are pretty happy with what Tilers Hobart has done with our outdoor space. We wanted a new patio, and we got that in 4 days. They were quick to respond, respected our wishes, and recommended us designs and materials, and completed the installation process from scratch.”

    Balcony Outdoor tiling are with a concrete pillar baranda
    Patio Outdoor ceramic tiling area with pots and plants. There is a black metal spiral stairs on the side

    Why do you need outdoor tiling?

    The outdoor environment is cruel and damaging. From the sun’s scorching heat to nasty rains and dust, they can cause dents and cracks on delicate surfaces. Whether it is walls or floors, you need to provide proper protection.

    Tiles tend to add an extra layer of protection on these surfaces, giving the structure longevity while enhancing its market value. Our specialized outdoor tiles bunnings are designed to handle the harsh outdoor conditions.

    Most importantly, we make sure that these tiles look good for years to come even after every day’s wear and tear. We know how to install them to make your outdoors as beautiful as your indoors. From concrete tiles to wooden tiles, or even mix tiles, we are your one-stop solution for outdoor tiling needs in Hobart and Tasmania.

    Exterior ceramic tiles in a hotel hallway common area

    Our outdoor tiling installation process

    If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable professionals to beautify your outdoors, don’t hesitate to call. We are experts in outdoor tiling. This is a different process from indoor tiling as it requires different layouts, techniques, and materials. Consequently, it requires special attention because once ruined, the whole process has to be redone.

    From your side as well, you need to make proper decisions regarding what type of tiles you want for outdoors. Meanwhile, we will help you understand different materials and designs; it is your final decision that we will go with. Our tilers consider all client requirements carefully and cautiously before offering straightforward solutions on the project. Here’s our outdoor tile installation process looks like:

    #1 Tiles and Material Selection:

    You will be surprised to know that there is a variety of tile materials available. On the other hand, outdoor tiles are entirely different from indoor tiles. Homeowners with no expertise on tiles can make the wrong decisions when it comes to choosing the material. It will help if you want tiles that can tolerate the harsh outdoor environment.

    Some accessible outdoor tile materials include terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, and wooden tiles. So, we will first educate you about the different materials available. Then, we will ask you about your views. After that, we will present our views. This includes our recommendation for the tile material you should go for. Mostly, we make recommendations based on the environment and climate you live in, as well as your budget.

    Floor of mosaic outdoor tiling material in white, pink and red
    Mosaic tiling outdoor patio area with outdoor furniture

    #2 Preparing the Exterior Surface

    Once you have chosen the material, it is time that we start preparing the surface. Different surfaces have different preparation needs. For example, adjusting the patio is different from making the garden, balcony, and deck. Therefore, special attention is required. Firstly, the ground is levelled using proper tools. Most importantly, if there is an old tiling, it will be removed first. Once the surface is prepared, we move on to the next step.

    #3 Outdoor Tiles Installation

    The layout is created, and everything goes by the plan. The best part is that it takes less time to install the tiles because of the design. Most importantly, the installed tiles are tested before declaring the completion of the project.

    Stone Tiling Outdoor floor

    Struggling with Your Exterior Tiling Project? Call Us

    If you have decided that your outdoor space needs a thorough makeover, it is time to get in touch with Tilers Hobart. For great results and professional service, we are the best choice for your property in Hobart and Tasmania. Give us a ring or contact us through email and get a free consultation.



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