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Tiles Removal Hobart

Our tiles removal team specializes in all types of surfaces. As a professional contractor, we have the workforce and proper tools to remove them fast and efficient. Backed by our licence and insurance, all our jobs are safe and precise.

This process is the first step of your restoration. From Beaumont tiles to Bunnings tiles, we make sure your foundation is properly ready for the finished product.

Residential Tiles Removal in Hobart

There are numerous reasons why you may have to remove your tile floor. Perhaps, the flooring has become too old. Or you cracked it when moving a heavy object. Maybe it has become way too slippery that it is dangerous for you and your family. Or possibly, you just tired with your current tile design. Whatever the case, to install the new tiles, you will have to remove the old ones first. Removing the tile floor is not an easy job. A single mistake cost you additional expenses for renovation. This is why you should hire professional tile removers.

Tile removal is our team’s speciality. We have been doing this for years. Our tile removal team has been equipped with state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and safety gear to get the job done. In other words, each member of the team is an expert in tile removal projects of any level. Whether it is residential or commercial properties, Tilers Hobart provides a comprehensive tile removal service for all kinds of features.

Not only just removal, but we also make sure that new tiles are installed beautifully to give you the desired look. Removing the tile floor is easy with Hobart Tilers. All you have to do is give us a call.


    Brie T. from Rosetta, 7010

    “Excellent service! Fast and professional. I can’t express how happy I am with this crew. They were fast and handy and did an excellent job. Our bathroom consisted of ceramic tiles, which was quite hard to remove. But they were able to get the tiles out and leave a smooth surface for the new tiles.”

    The process behind Tiles Removal

    Removing the floor tile is easy to say it but hard to do it. It requires special skills and tools to carry out the process. In short, it takes some time and a bit of elbow grease. But don’t worry. We are professionals with years of experience. No matter the type of flooring you have, we will cleanly and neatly remove all of it. We will be leaving a fresh surface for the new installation.

    From garage floor to patio and more, tiles are installed differently in different places. We have all the necessary materials like tile grout remover and tile adhesive remover to remove each tile successfully. Our tile removal process looks like this.

    Wall Tiles Removal with a power jackhammer
    Two tilers doing ceramic tiles removal garage floor

    Start by Removing the Trim

    The first step is to remove the trim work around the room. That is to say, without removing the trim, it can be challenging to remove the tile. Moreover, you would want to replace the old trim as well, along with the tiles. We advise you to install new trims that match your new tiles. At the time of trim removal, we also make sure to remove any appliances and furniture. Also, we cover the vents to prevent dust from entering. Certainly, we have specialized tools that easily remove the trim without causing hassle.

    Remove the Tile

    Next, we start with the tile removal process. Depending on the place, we may use different tools. The easiest way to remove the tile is with a hammer. We use hammers with blunt edges. In some cases, we also use chisels, especially for concrete slabs. Simply chisel against the bottom edge of the adjacent tiles and use the hammer to lift the tile. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. We avoid completely breaking the tiles because it is such a mess.

    Tiler repairing a broken tile on a bathroom wall
    Bathroom tiles removal for a residential Hobart client

    Remove the Underlayment

    Once the tiles are removed, we remove the underlayment (if any). In some buildings, underlayments are installed before laying the tiles. The underlayment gives the tiles the much-needed grip and hold.

    Clean the Subfloor

    Part of the final process in tile removal is cleaning the subfloor. The adhesive is removed with specialized tools and solutions. Any grout residue is removed with a chisel, and uneven surfaces are smoothened. In short, we prepare the surface for the new tiles. Once we remove your tiles, the process of installing the new ones starts. You can trust us with the process; it doesn’t matter the scale of the project.

    Tile Removal Cost

    The cost to remove your tile flooring will depend on several factors. The primary factors include the size of the room and the type of tiles used. But don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about costs. The market knows us for providing high-quality services at reasonable rates.

    Get In Contact With a Tiles Removal Hobart

    Firstly, we are licensed and insured if that’s your worry! Above all, schedule a free consultation with us today and experience professional tile removal services. We are just a phone call away. Or for your convenience, you can email us.



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