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About Tiling Hobart

Tiling Hobart is a licensed tiling company with years of industry experience. We offer residential and commercial tiling services along with tile removal services in Hobart, Tasmania. We specialize in all kinds of tiling services, such as bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, and wall.

Your Local Tiling Services in Hobart

People looking for superior quality in their tiling needs come to us. With our industry experience and a team of professional tilers, we offer reliable solutions that suit both your preferences and budget. Moreover, it doesn’t matter the size of the property or the type of property (commercial vs. residential). We know what the client demands. Thanks to our commitment to quality service and expertise, we can offer you premium quality tiling services on schedule.

Whether it is bathroom wall tiles or kitchen floor tiles, our proficiency allows us to take each project from dream to reality. Most importantly, we can help you improve your property’s aesthetics and enhance its market value with just a tile refurbishment.

We understand people’s needs and work accordingly to make sure their requirements are met. Above all, you will get the maximum return on investment by entrusting your home floor renovation project in our experienced and competent hands.


    Balcony tiles floor before grouting from Hobart Tiling
    Hobart Tiling Contractor cutting a tiles with a cutting tool

    Tiling Hobart Professional Team

    Tilers at Hobart Tiling are proficient in wall and floor tiling solutions for a selection of buildings and property types. Moreover, we are versatile and work with different varieties of tiles for floors and walls. We guarantee to add extra charm to your commercial or residential space. We have experience with porcelain bathroom tiles and natural stones or ceramic kitchen floor tiles. Our detailed consultancy will help you in choosing the right tiles for your precious space.

    We crave for customer satisfaction. When you call us, our expert tilers will come and inspect your space. Moreover, they will consider your needs before providing you consultancy. We will suggest the type of tiles you should go for. But, the final decision is yours, and we respect that. However, we will consult you and suggest a few things that fit your home as well as your budget. Our warehouse boasts a variety of tiles for your different flooring needs. We will show you a catalogue from which you can choose your preferred tile type and design.

    Tiler Pouring Tile adhesive on a Trowel

    Our Tiling Services

    At present, we offer five primary tiling services in Hobart, Tasmania. They include outdoor tiling, kitchen tiling, bathroom tiling, commercial tiling, and tile removal. So, you can contact us for any service you want.

    Our specialized tile removing service is used by homeowners and commercial spaces that want their flooring redone. Tile removal is a challenging process. It would be best if you were careful of the surrounding. Otherwise, your mistake can cause severe damage.

    Professional Tiles Installation Workforce in Hobart

    But you don’t have to worry when you hire us. At Hobart Tiles, the industry experts do the installation for you. The best part is that our experts have worked on many significant projects, both commercial and residential. And by commercial, we mean hotels, office spaces, retail stores, public places, parks, and more.

    We know how to remove the old tiles without harming the landscape or the surrounding infrastructure. However, removing tile is not just the end. We make sure that the land or floor is perfectly levelled so that the new tiles can be installed hassle-free.

    When it comes to the kitchen, the type of tile you choose matters. The kitchen is the space that experiences high traffic. Moreover, spills, moisture, steam, etc. are the most common in the kitchen. All this can cause the kitchen tiles to accumulate dirt, grime, and grease. We will help you kitchen tiles that don’t quickly collect any of these. Moreover, these tiles are easy to clean, as well.

    Exterior Tiles Wall repair by a Hobart Tiling Contractor

    Tiling Hobart to Start Immediately

    When you contact us via email or phone, we first like to inspect the site before giving any quote. But we are happy to provide a rough estimate of how things are going to look like based on the insights gained from you. Once you give us the project, you can rest assured that things will turn out as you have wanted.

    We make sure that attention to detail is paid with each tile work. This is the reason our existing customers give lots of referrals about our services to their friends and family. We will never disappoint you.



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