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Commercial Tiling Hobart

Looking for a commercial tiling expert? While decorating your home, you need to consider the comfort and safety factors above anything. Even if that requires a compromise on style, you are ready to cope with it. However, this isn’t the case with commercial spaces.

The aura of your place is the first thing that is noticed by people. So you need to keep it as stylish and up-to-date as possible. Otherwise, the customers won’t feel pleasant, and you will lose the business. That is where our commercial designer tiling services come into the role.

Exterior Commercial Tiling Installation

Here are a few benefits of using our tiles services in your commercial space. 

  • Easy To Install: The very first advantage of opting for our tile solutions is that they get installed quickly. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time getting your floor ready. 
  • Looks Stylish: There is no other type of decor that can match the styling of our tiles. Whether it is on floors or walls, you can keep it stylish with our products. 
  • Durable: In comparison with all the conventional ways, our designer tiles are the most durable ones. 
  • Convenient Handling: There are lots of different types of customers that you need to deal with. And our designer tiles are easy to maintain. Therefore, even if they leave a mark, you can handle it. 

 With that, you know how profitable our products can be for your commercial space. We have one of the most reliable commercial tiling products in the market. Our solutions will make your business stand out from all competitors. So when a customer enters your place, they will be impressed immediately. 

Further, let’s have a look at the types of designer tiles we have in the room for you. 


    Clay M. from Dynnyrne, 7005

    “We run a restaurant in the downtown area. We recently had our floor remodelled with tiles. These guys are quick to respond and have some great ideas regarding commercial spaces. We told them that we couldn’t keep the restaurant closed for too long. It was the peak business season, and people come to eat out a lot. They completely understood and renovated our whole flooring in five days. We are happy with the results.”

    Our Catalog Of Commercial Tiling in Hobart

    When it comes to commercial tiles, your task may not be that convenient. That is because you need to look for the type along with its design. Some kinds of commercial tiles we can provide you are:

    Hobart Commercial Ceramic Tiles

    If you want commercial floor tiles, our ceramic products are one of the viable options. They are made from clay, water, and minerals. The reasons why you should opt for our commercial ceramic tiles are:

    • Dense Construction: Our ceramic tiles are made in high temperatures. Therefore, they have a compact construction. This helps them in withstanding wet areas, as they don’t absorb moisture. 
    • Cleaner: Being clean doesn’t only mean to be shiny and spot-free. It also implies that the tiles must be free from bacteria and other problems. Due to their dense construction, our commercial ceramic tiles resist the absorption of bacteria. So it keeps your floor clean and problem-free. 
    • The Best Commercial Kitchen Tiles: The commercial kitchen floor tiles experience a lot throughout the day. The stains, the heat, the continuous movements are some common problems. Our ceramic products are resistant to intense heat, stains, and water. That is why they make the perfect restaurant floor tiles. 
    Ceramic floor in office entrace done by Commercial Tiling Hobart

    Commercial Vinyl Tiles Hobart

    Your commercial space goes through a lot of floor activities. And not only customers but your employees regularly move on it. That is why opting for our vinyl flooring tiles is a good alternative for you. Some advantages of it are:

    • Durability: Our commercial vinyl tiles are made from extremely robust materials. Therefore, they can withstand the maximum pressure. They can last longer than most of the options. As a result, you can install them once and remain hassle-free for a long time. 
    • Price: If you are looking for cheap tiles, our vinyl variant is the most suitable option. Being good at almost every aspect, they are comparatively less expensive than other alternatives. 
    • Stylish: Not to forget, tiles in your commercial space create an impression on the visitors. With our commercial vinyl flooring tiles, you can select from a wide range of options. So you can easily match the design and texture requirements of your place. 
    Hobart Tilers with a trowel tool in one hand and a ceramic tile in another one
    Commercial floor exterior tiling services by qualify tradesman in Hobart
    Retail store bathroom tiles renovation in Hobart

    Hobart Commercial Marble Tiles

    If you want the ambience subtle yet elegant, our commercial marble tiles are your solution. Our marble tiles provide your retail space with the most finished look. A few benefits of marble are:

    • Dust-Free: You must have seen the marble flooring somewhere or the other. You know how “clean look” they can give. But they aren’t only clean from the outside. Our marble tiles keep away the germs and bacteria. Therefore, no matter what kind of crowd your space experiences, it will stay clean. 
    • Unique Color: The reason why our marble flooring is the best is because of its colour. They can complement any colour present in your space. So you need not worry about mismatching anything. 
    • Luxurious Look: Our marble products instantly raise the luxury look of your place with cheaper tiles. Even if you accompany it with simple decorative interiors, the aura will be maintained. 

    You can go through our available variants and choose according to your requirement. With the given variety, we are quite sure that you will find your perfect match. 

    Contact One Of Our Commercial Tiling Experts

    Do you own a commercial space? Does it need a quick refurbishment? Then don’t hesitate to call us. We know how to deal with commercial tiling spaces. Once the project is assigned, and you can rest assured that you get quality workmanship. Please email us or make a phone call to get a free quote.



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